Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break

Geoffrey had his spring break a couple of weeks ago, so we both took some time off of work and headed down South to warmer climate. We spent a couple of days in Las Vegas, and a couple days in St. George. We did a lot of shopping, visited friends, went swimming, did a lot of sight seeing. went on some nice walks, and did some more shopping and relaxed! It was so enjoyable. We were both ready for a break from life and enjoyed the time spent together.


I've neglected my blog for a long time. So here's a quick update. February and March were busy months for us, so I'll keep it as short as possible.

We went to three Jazz games. The Rockets, The Celtics and The Suns. My husband is spoiled. We went to the Rockets Game with my sister Angela and were able to sit in awesome seats, courtesy of her work! For the Suns game Tom and McKenzie came down to join us. We had a blast!

My Dad retired from his job. Thanks Dad for all your hard work! WE LOVE YOU!!
And my little brother came home from his mission in Vancouver, Canada. Welcome Home!!

We were able to be with Megan when she was baptized and Geoffrey was able to go to Idaho for his Grandparents Birthday Party!

Like I said we've had a busy couple of months, but we've enjoyed spending so much time with friends and family.