Thursday, October 29, 2009

Great Deal

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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Brightyn Nicole Butterfield
Born August 6th, 2009
I love both of these pictures (below), because of the looks on Kaitlyn's face! She's not so sure of her new little sister.

I love both of my neices and am so proud to be thier Aunt!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Catch Up

This summer has been a blast! We've been able to spend a lot of time with family and friends, doing fun things. Geoffrey is going to school this summer and doesn't love it, but is glad it means he can graduate next April! We've lived in Student housing for almost a year, and it's the longest we've stayed in one place since we we've been married. We are fond of our cinder block palace, and love all of our neighbors that really make this place Great! Here are some posts of all the fun things we've been doing this summer.

Girls Camp

I'm YW President in my ward, so I got to go to Girls Camp this year. I loved it! It was a stake girls camp with 13 girls and 4 of them were from my ward! Our Stake youth is tiny, but It gives the girls more time and opportunity to bond. My favorite activity was the hike we went on the second day of girls camp. Here's a picture.


In June we went on a campout with some of the other families in our ward. We were so excited! We bought a brand new tent last year and only used it once before the year was over. We packed up what felt like our whole house and headed up to some church property near Morgan. When we got there and started to put our tent together, we realized that the string that connects the poles together had snapped! I thought "No big deal", we'll just find the ends and tie them back together. I spent sometime stringing the string back through the poles, just to have it snap on me again! In the end we ended up finding some duct tape and taping each of the poles together.
We spent most of our evening playing games. We especially had fun playing horse shoes with Andy and Kat. We played Boys against Girls. The girls gave them a good run, but in the end the boys ended up winning both games. Here they are with some of their best shots.
Here's a picture of the beautiful Kat and Jana making us breakfast the next morning. Thanks Girls! The bacon was amazing!

We had a great time and can't wait to by a new tent and go again!!


Every year for my moms birthday we go to the Hogle Zoo. This year was a lot of fun because Kaitlyn is at the perfect age for loving the animals. Our favorite parts were the bird show and the elephant show. Here are some pictures. Happy Birthday Mom!

The classic picture of your head in the Lions Mouth.

Kaitlyn Loved the Birdshow, but wasn't too excited to be so close to one this BIG!

Stoddards Creek

Stoddards Creek is Geoffrey's moms favorite place and is also a favorite camping spot for his family. At the end of May, Geoffrey and my little brother, Jeff, drove up to Idaho to hike Stoddards Creek. They met up with Tom, Kenzie and Teeny (the dog). They had a blast! Here's pictures of them at the top.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seriously, So Blessed!

So I found a new blog tonight... Hilarious! and I think I'm probably one of the last mormons to know about it. Seriously so funny, and let's be honest... most of its true!! Just in case you haven't already stumbled to it - here's the link....

Let me know what you think.
Happy Blogging!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I very rarely get addicted to TV shows, even though I watch a lot of TV.  The only 2 shows that have ever made me feel that "I have to see addiction" are this one ...
And this one!

And this one starts in 7 days! The countdown begins.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So Far Behind

Do ever feel like you get so far behind on blogging that there is no point in catching up? I go through that cycle every 6 weeks. I'll catch up my blog and promise myself that this time will be different. But it's not! A few weeks later I'm trying to decide if its worth catching up my posts or never posting again. Haha. So here's a very short catch up to our lives...

The Top 5 events of the last 6 weeks

1. Geoffrey finished one more semester! YAY! He'll be graduating with his bachelors degree this time next year!

2. My little sister Julie, was married last month! Congratulations to the new couple!

3. We bought a new car! Its a Hyundai Tucson and I'm in lOvE with it. Geoffrey rarely gets to drive it.

4. I turned 24. I know I'm still young, but 24 sounds so old!

5. I got to see Wicked! And i Loved it! Thank you Lindsey!

This is what happens at 1 am when you tell Klay there's no way he can fit in your sleigh bench.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break

Geoffrey had his spring break a couple of weeks ago, so we both took some time off of work and headed down South to warmer climate. We spent a couple of days in Las Vegas, and a couple days in St. George. We did a lot of shopping, visited friends, went swimming, did a lot of sight seeing. went on some nice walks, and did some more shopping and relaxed! It was so enjoyable. We were both ready for a break from life and enjoyed the time spent together.


I've neglected my blog for a long time. So here's a quick update. February and March were busy months for us, so I'll keep it as short as possible.

We went to three Jazz games. The Rockets, The Celtics and The Suns. My husband is spoiled. We went to the Rockets Game with my sister Angela and were able to sit in awesome seats, courtesy of her work! For the Suns game Tom and McKenzie came down to join us. We had a blast!

My Dad retired from his job. Thanks Dad for all your hard work! WE LOVE YOU!!
And my little brother came home from his mission in Vancouver, Canada. Welcome Home!!

We were able to be with Megan when she was baptized and Geoffrey was able to go to Idaho for his Grandparents Birthday Party!

Like I said we've had a busy couple of months, but we've enjoyed spending so much time with friends and family.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've had a lot of people ask where we colored our plates at. Its a store in Foothill Village called Color Me Mine. I heard it's a chain store, so there might be more in Salt Lake. I'm not sure. You have to pay a studio fee to use the paint, but they have nights where it's only a dollar a person. Once your inside you pay for what you want to paint. It ranges anywhere from a couple of dollars up to $70 dollars depending on what you choose. We loved it and I would reccomend it anybody looking for something fun and different to do!

Also, I found a new super cute site called Make it and Love it! If you like being crafty you'll love this site! (Amanda, we need have another craft day and try some of this stuff out!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

What a Weekend

This weekend was super busy and super fun for us!! Friday night we went to the Jazz game together! It was a blast and the Jazz won! Saturday night we went on a double with our friend Eric and his girlfriend Tracy. We ate at Main Street Pizza and Noodle in Park City. Eric had a gift card to spend and took us all out! Thanks Eric! (and Thanks Dusty and Heather!) Sunday we spent the day in Orem at Uncle Pauls house for the Superbowl. I was the only one that was rooting for the Steelers! I rock! Haha! Thanks Uncle Paul and Aunt Penny for having us over!
Here's a picture of us in Park City. I love Main Street!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Date Night

Last Monday Geoffrey took me on a date. First we went to Color Me Mine, a pottery painting place, and painted plates. After that we went to dinner at Chili's, then came home to watch Friends! (We're pretty much addicted to Friends) We loved painting the plates and wished we had more time to be more creative. We can't wait to go back and try again. Here are a picture of our plates before they were fired.

They keep the plates at the store to fire them, and you go back to pick them up a week later. Here's a picture of the finished products.

Draper Temple Openhouse

Last week we went with my family to the Draper temple openhouse. It was Awesome! At the beginning of the tour, they have you meet in a church to wait. They pull you aside in small groups to watch a movie about the church and temples. After that you're loaded on to a bus and they drive you up the hill to the temple. In each room of the temple it explains what the room is used for, or something significant about it. At the very end of the tour you walk over to a church where they have refreshments and missionaries waiting to answer anyones questions about the church and temples. I loved the way they presented it. It really made me think about the basics of the church and I was able to feel the spirit very strong throughout the tour.

Kaitlyn came with us. She did awesome for a two year old! I couldn't believe how quiet she was being. Here's a picture of her in her pajamas ready to go home after a long night!


Every January my family has a tradition of Sledding together at Soldier Hollow in Heber. This year Marissa wasn't able to join us because she lives in Washington, and Jeffrey wasn't able to join us because he's on a mission in Vancouver! (PS he only has 6 weeks left!) But we had an addition of Jeffrey Mousley! (Julie's Fiance). We had tons of fun! We met at the lodge early to have chili and breadsticks. Kaitlyn is still too young to sled so Angela and Grandma hung out in the lodge with her. Our favorite part about sledding is that we don't have to climb to the top of the hill. All you have to do is hook your sled to the tow rope and sit back and relax! On our last run down the hill, Geoffrey decided to do it topless... He stripped down and took off down the hill in 20 degree weather! Holy Cow he's crazy! He jumped right off his sled and ran into the lodge to warm up!

Julie and Jeff

Julie and Jeff are getting married in April! YEA! I went with them to have their engagement pictures taken at the Gateway and Memory Grove. It was a perfect, sunny day. Here are some pictures I took.


We were lucky enough to see lots of our favorite extended family after the holidays. We love when family comes through Salt Lake to see us! Here are some Pics!

One night we had Geoffreys Family visiting, while they were in town Geoffrey's Uncle Kent and Aunt Kathleen were here from Idaho as well as their daughter Collette and her family from Arizona. We loved seeing them! Here's a picture of all of us at Red Robin.

We were also able to spend some time with Lisa! Our cousin that lives here in Salt Lake!

The next week we were also able to see Jill, Alex and and their cute daughter Abby, who were visiting from Sacramento!

A couple weeks after that our family from Idaho and LA came through Salt Lake! Thanks for dinner Uncle Barry! Heres a picture of all of us at Olive Garden. Judy, Barry, Brandt, Jack, Jamie, Emma, Jackson and Sadie