Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break

This week is Geoffrey's Spring break from school. To celebrate, we spent the weekend in Idaho with his family and then we took Monday and Tuesday off of work so we could spend some time together here. It has been a BLAST!

We've been able to sleep in super late both days and spend a lot of time being lazy. We've been to the zoo, on a double date with some good friends, Played Dance,Dance Revolution, went to see Bounty Hunter, ate at Olive Garden (YUM!), went to the mall and just chillaxed together at home.

Here are some pictures of our day at the zoo. It was the perfect day - not too cold and it wasn't crowded!

These turkeys made me laugh. The female turkey would follow the male around pecking at his face. He was so patient, he would try to scoot over and she would follow. Eventually he just sat there and let her peck... It reminded me of us, haha
I loved that there were so many baby animals at the zoo. They are so much more active then the other animals. There were tiger cubs, a baby giraffe, a baby orangutan, a baby alligator and a baby elephant!

Geoffreys favorite animals were the orangutans. In the top picture you can see the baby swinging around on the ropes. She is quite the acrobat and quite the Show Off! In the bottom picture is the mom monkey and if you look in the bottom left corner of the picture you can see a small rabbit. The monkey was trying to be sneaky and get close to the rabbit. She would come down off the rock slowly and the rabbit would run back under the rocks. Then she would go back up and wait for it to come out again. At one point she was pushing the bushes out of the way and trying to feed it a leaf so it would come out. It was so funny to watch!
My favorite part was the baby elephant! She is so so cute! She would nurse a little bit, then play, then eat some straw and then come back and nurse again. I could have sat and watched her all afternoon. I forgot how much I love going to the zoo.