Saturday, August 23, 2008

45 Reasons why we love the Johnsons!

1. “Boots with the fur”
2. The Lisp Talk
3. “So You Think You Can………………………. DANCE (in a low voice)”
4. Avrie’s Tributes
5. “You two are the biggest queers!” as said at Applebee’s in Rexburg
6. David Archuletta’s biggest fan (Klay)
7. Blogs, Blogs, Blogs
8. She picked Jesse?
9. Craft Day!
10. Is Klay asleep already?
12. Let’s go boating baby!
15. That bird had diarrhea?
16. Lindz the King of Scum
17. Geoff the scum of Wacky Six
18. “As my client I highly advise you to….” (Geoffrey the marriage agent)
19. Big Red Balls (Wipeout)
20. Where’s the pole? (Wipeout)
21. It’s sure is nice to wake up at 11am each day
22. Having a Girl roomie again
23. Dancy, Dancy, Dancy, Dancy
24. We should go on a walk every day this week.
25. Kaulyn and Cloe
26. Glue in my crack and rip my shorts? Really Klay?
27. PEEK!
28. What do you want to eat tonight?
29. The Sizz
30. Bajios
31. Working hard all day and going on exchanges at night with GIRLS
32. Isn’t Comfort kicked off yet?
33. Shooting of the hand
34. Falling out of the trailor
35. Smashing of the thumb
36. Getting stuck in the Bronco
37. “What is that noise?” said Klay “I think it is the bronco falling apart.”
38. Girls in the big trucks save the day
39. Look what I bought today babe!
40. Rag blankets
41. That’s what she said
42. I’m gonna start a snow shack
43. Café Rio Burritos
44. Klay, Geoff jammed the nail gun again.
45. Just plain living with each other all summer!!!

Thanks for a wonderful summer! We're going to miss you three!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A busy week

Last week was a busy week for us. We headed down to Salt Lake for my cousin, Kelsey's wedding and to look for jobs. I think that job searching is probably my least favorite thing to do. When I decided to go to school to get my bachelors degree, I assumed that once I had a bachelors degree I would have all of these options open to me and it would be a matter of choosing which job I liked best. That's not how it is. I've had some pride issues this week. Some of the jobs that I'm applying for are "starting" posititions to get my foot in the companies door. I was really struggling with this, but have finally come to peace with the fact that I'm not going to have a super fabulous job right away and everyone has to start somewhere and work their way up. So if anyone knows of any openings, please let me know. (And Thank You to all those that have helped me a ton already!)
Here's a picture of the cute couple right after they were married (above) and a picture of us on temple square!

Friday, August 8, 2008

To Update

In June, we moved to Idaho Falls for the summer. I LOVE it here, and wish we could stay forever! We're living with my old roomate Lindsey and her husband Klay. We were blessed with an awesome set up, because Klay's parents are serving a mission in the Phillipines. Klay and Lindsey are living upstairs in his parents house and we're living in the basement. I love it. It's so fun to have a girl roomie again. We get to stay home all day and do crafts while the boys go off to work.
We're headed back to Salt Lake City in two and a half weeks for Geoffrey to start school again. We were just accepted into the Married Student housing at the U. I have mixed feelings about this. We have one of the apartments that's considered "updated" because it has air conditioning and carpet. They make it sound so nice when they tell you it's one of the "newer" additions. When in reality the last time it was updated was in 1972! (They don't have anything newer than that!) The upside of living in student housing is being surrounded by so many other students that are in the same position we're in. We are looking forward to our new ward and new neighbors. Hopefully the good outways the bad!

Monday, August 4, 2008

We Did It

We finally decided to do it, we have a blog now! Yeah! This has been a long process with a lot of thinking and no doing. But it's finally here...