Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Total Loss

Its official- My poor car has been deemed a total loss!! Last Friday (Friday the 13th) was a long day. I was at the bottom of the freeway exit ramp, on my way to work, waiting at a red light, completely stopped, minding my own business- When a silver SUV hit along side of my car going 60MPH! I'm really lucky that he grazed all along the side of my car, rather than hitting me straight on. After he hit me, he hit a small white car and sent it flying into the trailer in front of him, and sent the trailer into the back of a truck! In the end he ended up totaling my car, the white car, and his own car (a brand spankin new 2010 Nissan Rogue).

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures from the scene of the accident. The best I could do was beg my insurance adjuster for a couple and I snapped a couple on my phone when I went to clean my car out the other day. Most of these pictures were taken in the process of tearing my car apart to assess the damages.

The car that hit me, basically started at the back of my car on the drivers side, came all the way up the side ripping off all the paneling and denting my car pretty good along his way. When he got to the the front of my car he pushed my front wheel up into the engine of my car.

This picture was taken after the repair shop put my car back together. You can kind of see my front wheel hanging there awkwardly- that's because it was shoved up into my car at one point.

One might ask- How in the world could you miss seeing a whole line of cars waiting at a red light??
Well, he didn't see us. He has had multiple concussions in his life and had his most recent one a couple of days before the accident. He was on medication for the concussion, but claims he hadn't taken any meds since the morning before. He passed out coming off the freeway and was completely out when he hit into me. He ended up hurting himself more than anyone else. He was the only one that was taken to the hospital.

The funny thing is I'm not even mad at him. I feel bad for him and his injuries. I'm so grateful he wasn't hurt worse, and I'm grateful the rest of us were able to skip the ambulance ride with him. The only thing I'm even slightly annoyed about is that I'm officially back in the market for a new car. So if you here of any good deals- Let us know!! We want to make it as quick and painless of a process as possible.