Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Catch Up

This summer has been a blast! We've been able to spend a lot of time with family and friends, doing fun things. Geoffrey is going to school this summer and doesn't love it, but is glad it means he can graduate next April! We've lived in Student housing for almost a year, and it's the longest we've stayed in one place since we we've been married. We are fond of our cinder block palace, and love all of our neighbors that really make this place Great! Here are some posts of all the fun things we've been doing this summer.

Girls Camp

I'm YW President in my ward, so I got to go to Girls Camp this year. I loved it! It was a stake girls camp with 13 girls and 4 of them were from my ward! Our Stake youth is tiny, but It gives the girls more time and opportunity to bond. My favorite activity was the hike we went on the second day of girls camp. Here's a picture.


In June we went on a campout with some of the other families in our ward. We were so excited! We bought a brand new tent last year and only used it once before the year was over. We packed up what felt like our whole house and headed up to some church property near Morgan. When we got there and started to put our tent together, we realized that the string that connects the poles together had snapped! I thought "No big deal", we'll just find the ends and tie them back together. I spent sometime stringing the string back through the poles, just to have it snap on me again! In the end we ended up finding some duct tape and taping each of the poles together.
We spent most of our evening playing games. We especially had fun playing horse shoes with Andy and Kat. We played Boys against Girls. The girls gave them a good run, but in the end the boys ended up winning both games. Here they are with some of their best shots.
Here's a picture of the beautiful Kat and Jana making us breakfast the next morning. Thanks Girls! The bacon was amazing!

We had a great time and can't wait to by a new tent and go again!!


Every year for my moms birthday we go to the Hogle Zoo. This year was a lot of fun because Kaitlyn is at the perfect age for loving the animals. Our favorite parts were the bird show and the elephant show. Here are some pictures. Happy Birthday Mom!

The classic picture of your head in the Lions Mouth.

Kaitlyn Loved the Birdshow, but wasn't too excited to be so close to one this BIG!

Stoddards Creek

Stoddards Creek is Geoffrey's moms favorite place and is also a favorite camping spot for his family. At the end of May, Geoffrey and my little brother, Jeff, drove up to Idaho to hike Stoddards Creek. They met up with Tom, Kenzie and Teeny (the dog). They had a blast! Here's pictures of them at the top.