Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I'm finally starting to catch up on blogging and journaling what we've been up to the past couple months. This is a start... But stay tuned for MORE!

First Camping Trip

Our first camping trip this summer was to Palasades to celebrate my moms birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! Somehow I didn't end up with a picture of her- But here's her Cake!

The best part was that Walmart less than 15 minutes away. I think in the 3 days we were there we went 3 times. We had some serious tent drama while we were there. Our tent from last year was broken. Remember this post? So we stopped at walmart on the way up to buy a new tent. By the end of the camping trip, we ended up exchanging tents 2 more times to find that wasn't broken. Gotta love Walmart.

On top of buying a new tent, we had to buy a massive tarp to cover it, because it rained 95% of the time we were there.
We spent a lot of time hanging out in the trailer to avoid the rain. One of the best parts of the whole camping trip was the Food. Jeremy is an amazing camp cook!

I LOVE Chicken Kabobs!

On Saturday it stopped raining for a few hours so we hurried out on the lake in our paddle boat. I let Geoffrey do all the paddling while I sat back and enjoyed the water and the sun.

Besides that, we spent a lot time playing with these 2 cute girls! Kaitlyn and I spent a lot of time trying to catch tiny guppy fish out of the lake with our hands and a paper cup. We had no luck. They were just too small and too fast.
Thanks for the fun weekend MOM and DAD!

Happy Graduation

Yay! He's done! I'm so proud of this man. He graduated in May with a double bachelors degree in Sociology and Journalism. Now onto a new job... If you here of anything let us know.

His Dad and little sister came down to celebrate the big day with us!

I'm so proud of you Babe!